Jade City – Content Warning

Jade City is recommended for ages 15+. The play contains strong language, flashing lights and haze. This page contains a more detailed breakdown of the public content warning. There is information about the plot of the play here too.

The public content warning for Jade City states:

‘This show contains discussion of suicide and a description of a rape’.

There are three mentions of suicide within the play.
– A reference regarding the site of where the suicide happens in the city.
– An inferred reference to a character’s father having committed suicide.
– One reference of a character describing another character committing suicide by jumping off a bridge.

There is one mention of rape in the play.

– A spoken graphic description of how one of the characters in the play has raped a mutual friend using an object. The other character (his friend) confronts him about the rape as he was a witness to it and did nothing to stop it from happening.

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